Transpersonal Psychotherapy in Worthing

You are invited to embark upon, or pursue, the quest for your authentic self, often signposted by what you may experience as “problems” or even occasionally “illness”

About this work...

A personalised service tailored to your needs. You are not expected to fit the therapy, the therapy is aimed at fitting you.

Short and long term work undertaken, flexible times and mode of contact.

Why this, why now?

If, like for so many of us, your distress, unhappiness, emotional turmoil or confusion feels almost overwhelming at time, you may be wanting to explore different possibilities of moving through it.

Distress or unhappiness is not usually a sign of a mental health problem, although we sometimes fear that it might be. We shall try to discover the purpose of the unease or unhappiness which might have brought you here and pay attention to what might bring about desirable changes . Together we shall learn to tape into your innate wisdom and foster the development of your essential (often hidden) strengths and qualities. This process tends to naturally lead to an enhanced sense of self and purpose, and therefore to better quality of life

Can transpersonal psychotherapy be for me?

Transpersonal Psychotherapy takes into account both the psychological and the spiritual aspect of a person; it is not about “curing” or “getting rid off” but about discovering and following the innate wisdom of the person which longs for truth, love and authenticity.

For me, spirituality is the sense that there is much more to reality than we consciously experience, and that we are much more than we think we know.

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