Although influenced by the work of Carl Jung and of his followers, I aim to tailor the treatment to the specific needs of the client, believing that each one of us can learn to discover the guidance which constantly comes from within.

Most of my clients say “I don’t have a religion” or even more often “I hate all religion”. Some do say “I follow such or such path or practice”. To all I can reply with the royal college of psychiatrists that “spirituality is the essentially human, personal and interpersonal dimension, which integrates and transcends the cultural, religious, psychological, social and emotional aspect of the person…. Spirituality is ultimately about the search for meaning and fulfillment in life”.

Or, more poetically, I like to quote Keats: “Call the world if you please “The vale of soul making”. Then you will find out the use of the world”. In our times of crises we tend to look for some way to FIX things, probably believing that something is wrong with us.

Typically, after a brief telephone consultation, we have an original session in which to assess whether we are suitable for working with each other and make a working agreement. This can take up to one and half hour. We then meet on a regular basis, preferably weekly. Some clients prefer to simply talk, others prefer working creatively with art forms or sand tray. Most like to incorporate different ways of exploring themselves.

I try to invite clients to listen to their body as much as possible, this often calls for relaxation exercises and mindfulness practices.

I am also trained in EMDR and EFT and integrate these techniques in working with traumas and painful memories, compulsive behaviour and physical symptoms.